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Lotus Talbot Sunbeam: Part Eight
Right, we've been putting this off but, the time has come to sort out the mess that is the Lotus Sunbeam's engine bay. After it's front end accident the front end, wing and A pillar were badly repaired and this was most obvious in the engine bay when the
3:25 pm, Friday 24th July 2015

Lotus Talbot Sunbeam: Part Seven
The front wing and door panels have been fitted and aligned and the passenger side A pillar repaired on the Lotus Talbot Sunbeam. The bodywork is now ready for final prepping - after we have tackled the mess in the engine bay...
2:54 pm, Friday 24th July 2015

Mercedes-Benz G Wagon: Part One
Our next Mercedes-Benz project is in the workshop. This time it's a rare, early 1980's Mercedes-Benz Soft Top G Wagon. We have finished the metalwork repairs and fitting of new panels and it's in primer now, ready for paint. Here are some images of the pr
11:21 am, Wednesday 22nd July 2015

Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign
These Jaguar XJ40s are getting rare these days and this example is in for work to the front end. Looking good...
10:19 am, Monday 20th July 2015

Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV: Part Six 07/15
The bodywork restoration of the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, in for complete restoration, is nearly finished. This car was pretty rotten but it's very satisfying to save another of these lovely cars. We can start prepping for the paint now...
1:27 pm, Wednesday 15th July 2015

Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV: Part Five 07/15
Back on the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV in for a complete bodywork restoration. The new cockpit and boot floors are now finished.
1:08 pm, Wednesday 15th July 2015

Lotus Talbot Sunbeam: Part Six
The Lotus Sunbeam bodywork repair and preparation is now complete. Etch primer has been applied, followed by 2K high build primer, ready for the final flatting and we are now aligning the repaired door and new front wing.
11:43 am, Wednesday 15th July 2015

Lotus Talbot Sunbeam: Part Five
Following the time consuming removal of the side transfers and their adhesive, the Lotus Sunbeam's bodywork has been completely rubbed down. The next stage is to primer everything and fit all the panels ready for alignment and painting. Watch this space..
3:12 pm, Monday 13th July 2015

Lotus Talbot Sunbeam: Part Four
We have started the other bodywork repairs to the Lotus Sunbeam. Here are the repairs required to the: passenger's door, roof, bonnet and driver's side front wing.
3:01 pm, Monday 13th July 2015

Lotus Talbot Sunbeam: Part Three
The Lotus Sunbeam is having a front wing replaced with a better secondhand wing provided by the customer. Here is the new wing being stripped ready for primer and paint. Also, the existing door has been stripped...
2:39 pm, Monday 13th July 2015

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