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Mercedes-Benz G Wagon: 30 November 2018
We have de-rusted, treated, primed and repainted the interior seat bases for the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon. These seats are from a later car and had suffered in storage. They are to replace the non original Land Rover Discovery seats the car came with.
3:39 pm, Friday 30th November 2018

Mercedes-Benz G Wagon: 27 November 2018
The fit up of the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon is ongoing. The external trim and fittings are now going on - all with new fixings.
2:40 pm, Wednesday 28th November 2018

Alfa Romeo GT Junior: 20 November 2018
This biege 105 Series GT Junior Step Front is in for some insurance repair work to the rear wing...
4:32 pm, Wednesday 21st November 2018

Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV Repair
This lovely red Alfa Romeo GTV, which we restored several years ago, is in for some repairs to the doors around the door handles. This is a common issue if the doors fit well and aren't shut using the proper shutting procedure! All finished now and ready
4:18 pm, Wednesday 21st November 2018

One in - one out!
One Alfa Romeo GTV (blue) is in as the other one (red) is finished and off back to its owner. The blue GTV requires quite a lot of metalwork before we can start on the body and paint work. We'll keep you updated.
3:59 pm, Thursday 15th November 2018

Mercedes-Benz G Wagon: 8 November 2018
On the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon. we are now prepping and painting all the black and dark grey trim parts ready for the start of fitting up.
2:34 pm, Friday 9th November 2018

Mercedes-Benz G Wagon: 5 November 2018
The doors for the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon have been flatted and polished ready for the start of the final fit up.
2:20 pm, Wednesday 7th November 2018

Mercedes-Benz G Wagon: 2 November 2018
We are back on the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon and prepping and painting the doors.
4:32 pm, Friday 2nd November 2018

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